Invictus Cognital Recruitement Process Outsourcing Solutions

Alois RPO Services


We offer scalable services to suit your needs. From complete outsourced recruiting to simply mining resumes, we offer a wide variety of services that can help you hire the best people for your business.This way we help enable companies to start small, try something out and then roll it out in a measured way, scaling up as the business requirement grows.  

We will take responsibility for each step in the recruitment process from sourcing and selecting staff, through to the interview process and the induction of staff. With large portfolios of proven sources, networks and connections, as well as extensive training in the latest search techniques and technology, our recruiters can identify and connect you with top talent nationwide

We can take care of complete HR Admin including but not limited to


  1. Job design/definition                                   
  2. Job awareness/ advertising                        
  3. Resume screening                                         
  4. Scheduling interviews with internal     HR team                              
  5. Shortlisting candidates                             
  6. Scheduling Client interviews                 
  7. Follow up feedback with Client/           candidate                             
  8. Background verification/ reference checks through third party providers
  9. Final offer negotiation                             
  10. Resource on-boarding/ Client                 induction                                                              

Invictus Cloud Automation Services


Cloud-based and instantly responsive to changes in demand, this service auto-scales to increase workers, accommodating increased demand over time or activity spikes and troughs as needed. We will assign workers to automate the processes selected by your business or CoE. They will be deployed at your office to work under your direction as part of your team or through our offshore locations.

RPA is best geared for repetitive, rules-driven and structured tasks where it can work with greater performance & quality in accordance with the necessary regulations and standards.  We can identify and segregate activities out of the full gamut of HR and Payroll activities, such that routine, repeated activities are automated and the HR Personnel are spared to attend to more critical activities like decision making.  

Invictus Cognital Payroll


Payroll related services has remained a backbone of all companies irrespective of its size. When you're a small business owner or a startup managing payroll becomes a frustrating mundane task and also impacting your tight budget. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on scaling your business by focusing on core tasks.

As a small business owner or a start-up entrepreneur you want to focus on your time and money into scaling the business or expanding the product line to capture bigger market share and grow. Invictus Cognital can support you in your ambition by taking care of your payroll admin activities working directly with your local accountant or engage with our CPA certified accountant for managing BAS and ATO compliance.

We can take care of complete Payroll Admin including but not limited to  


  1. Data entry into Accounting software
  2. Coding of transactions based on          instructions provided                          
  3. Processing of payments                             
  4. Preparing bank reconciliations              
  5. Determining obligations or                 entitlements in relation to State or Territory payroll taxes                         
  6. Superannuation Guarantee/ PAYG Withholding                         
  7. Payslips                                                        
  8. Employment contract review            
  9. Employee leave management           
  10. Timesheet management