Recruitment As A Service for Digital Transformation

Digital Workforce As A Service


Invictus Cognital Workforce recruitment services specialize in sourcing digitally enabled talent. Along with IT, recruitment has aligned with the change and adopted transition from in-house to outsourcing and now with the latest trend to move into more service based model where digitally enabled workforce play a key role .

  Every Business plans ahead, but sometimes projects slip or are blocked due to unforseen events, or large volumes of work come in at the same time. This means a huge surge of delivery is required in a short space of time, which is difficult to manage with current resource pool available to business and sometimes it, could also mean addition of new skills   Invictus Cognital Offers Digital Workforce as a scalable service to address this problem in the following ways   

Workers as a Service  

Organizations assign digital workers to automate back-office processes. The service can be scaled to match the expected demands of the automated workload. We will assign workers to automate the processes selected by your business or CoE. They will be deployed at your office to work under your direction as part of your team.   

Workforce as a Service 

Cloud-based and instantly responsive to changes in demand, this service auto-scales to increase workers, accommodating increased demand over time or activity spikes and troughs as needed. We will deploy resources your business needs to complete task-based work. We will deploy rapid response teams to complete outcomes based work to meet the business goals of automation supported through our offshore location and as well as onsite as required by the customer.  

Digital Workforce Enablement


Emergence of any technology brings associated changes and in some cases, they are massive! An organization intending to utilize such technology needs to be prepared to shake the earth, so to say! We help you in effectively tackling the challenges that confront the organization, its top management and the employees   Digital Workforce is such a disruptive technology that calls for drastic changes in the way an organization works. Unlike other technologies, its impact is not limited to the lower or operational levels but it is all-pervasive organization wide. 

  As the industry rushes through embracing disruptive revolution by digital technologies, an organization needs to imbibe a different culture and work environment, which can then percolate, down to the lowest levels. Open, free and positive communication through all channels – human and digital - must get encouragement. Organization needs to strive to encourage and accelerate the cultural change. The role of visibility of changes to employees, driven by study aids, reference guides, visual means like milestone charts depicting the change journey accelerate the transition. The organization must strive to deploy people who are digital ready and digital savvy or in other words the Human Digital Workforce!    Enable people to be more comfortable in a digital environment. We are one of the few boutique IT Consulting firms that focues both on providing recruitment to meet this skills demand and also work with Organizations to connect with best IT Outsourcing and training services provider for them to better adapt to digital disruption in the cognitive era.  

Digital HR and Payroll


HR related services have remained a backbone of our activities and understand Payroll is complex - employment awards, back dated revisions, tax calculations, payroll legislations can be difficult to manage in changing markets and multitude of compliance requirements across geographies. We specialize in all services related with HR and Payroll. With our business making quick strides in Digital Operations and related areas, our expertise in HR and Payroll has gained a new strength. We do understand that Payroll is a series of small process steps, repeated across a number of employees. We leverage this expertise to identify and segregate activities out of the full gamut of HR and Payroll activities, such that routine, repetitive activities are automated and the HR Personnel are spared to attend to more critical activities like critical assessments and decision making.   We can assist you for: 

  • Re-Design, assessment and approval of adopted processes 
  • Re-Design and audit of the information security policies consistent with deployment of AI  
  • Development of configuration within the chosen domain 
  • Trials for testing of configuration and processes using test data or historical data
  • Structural changes in organization to facilitate work to be performed by employees in the new order 
  • Phased Release Management to manage risk exposure and avoid operational impact during launch 
  • Monitoring the functioning and performance of processes.