Surviving the digital disruption in the cognitive era

Invictus Cognital

About Us

Invictus Cognital specializes in providing Advisory Services for Governance of Cloud Outsourcing  and Offshore Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) to enable digital workforce for the cognitive era. What makes us stand out among the competition is our ability to envision the industry trend and plan for solutions that can be leveraged by small to medium size customers who often miss out on the benefits unlike larger Corporations who are quickly able to leverage this based on their spending power.

One of the biggest challenges for start-ups and mid-sized businesses is how to fund  their market expansion or scalability. Outsourcing can be a great way to convert some of your  fixed costs to variable, mitigate your risk and give you access to  resources or technology you don't have in-house. We can guide you on the journey on how you will need to adapt, to move away from legacy landscape and speed ahead to horizons of tomorrow.  

While cost saving maybe the primary goal we also ensure there is trust and reliability by achieving compliance confidence in the outsourcing arrangement. 

Our Mission

To think proactively on customer's recruitement and outsourcing needs and provide compliant recruitement process outsourcing services in-house and governance advisory services to connect with external outsourcing companies addressing their pain points to ensures business scalability resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a market leader in advisory services for cloud outsourcing governance and contingent workforce compliance.

Why work with us?


Planning for the Unknown

Every Business plans ahead, but sometimes projects slip or are blocked due to unforseen events, or large volumes of work come in at the same time. This means a huge surge of delivery is required in a short space of time, which is difficult to manage with current resource pool available to business and sometimes it, could also mean addition of new skills.

Invictus Cognital Workforce can address your short term contingent resourcing requirement on demand giving you the flexibility you need with your staffing.

Saving on Costs and Scaling Business

If you are a startup or a small Business you want your limited team of resources to focus on your key function which will assist drive business growth and scalability.  Payroll admin can be once such tedious repetitive time consuming task which can increase in workload when BAS and tax returns need to be processed.

Invictus Cognital Payroll can take care of your outsourced payroll processing reducing your costs and let you focus on your core business.

Contingent Workforce Compliance

Does your Business/ HR understanding the compliance requirement for contingent workforce? Do you wish to mitigate risk by compliant hiring practises?

Invictus Cognital PMO can help you set up appropriate compliance to avoid financial or legal risks that could lead to reputation damage. We can execute statements of work (SOW) for management of temporary workers and contractors and track delivery of their work under SOW.

Digital Recruitement Strategy

Does your Business/ HR have a digital strategy? Would you like to have additional help to improve your procurement strategy to have access to better talent pool?

Cognital Recruitement As A Service can support you to combine marketing, recruiting, technology and analytics capability delivering a unique strategic value.

Outsourcing Strategy

Do you need a full HR team but do not have the budget to staff up the HR department to  get the best talent in market?

Cognital RPO can work directly with your HR manager by augmenting your team with best recruiters who will focus on delivering the best talent for your organisation.

Automation Strategy

Do you have HR and Payroll activities, such that routine, repeated activities which are very time consuming and you believe the team could better justify their time doing additional talent management activities?

Cognital Automation can assign Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workers to automate the processes selected by your business or CoE